Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Whats in a Logo?

This is my first Official post based around the importance of branding.

Today is Logo's! now people may have a different approach to me but these are my thoughts and reasons as to why a great logo is so important in such a competitive world.

Crafting seems to have taken over the world again, and there are more and more sites out there dedicated to wonderful crafts that can make a home and a person feel extra special. With so many shops out there though how can you tell the hobbies from the business.

Quite frankly to me the branding! if a business truly takes itself seriously it would look at it's branding and professionalism some very serious and deep thought.

I am to going to sit here and pick out good and bad because i feel it's unfair to some shops that genuinely want to be as branded as others but simply can't afford expensive designer fees to create them something unique, sometimes when this happens (and i see it all to often!) people buy "packages" that they simply put their name onto, only problem then is other Tom, Dicks and Harry's have the same!!!!

If you look into my shop that is not the case! I truly believe that every shop should be unique with it's branding so it can be easily recognised amongst others.

I know many of you out there agree with me.

If said Nike to you, whats the first thing you think of (other than what they sell) the Tick!
McDonalds - Golden Arches
HMV - The Dog

the list will go one, and if u fancy a challenge you can test yourself here

If you are thinking about getting yourself a logo done there are a few simple things to think about and these are things i always come across with my clients.

1. Do you always have to state the obvious?
2. If a logo doesn't work it black it's not worth using
3. Are you after a logo or something pretty? (alot of people want bells and whistles and this detracts from the logo)
4. How do you want your company to come across?
5. Is it scale-able?

Dont forget to test your branding with friends and family and preferably with another designer as they are more likely to give you an honest opinion. I hope this enough to get you started! ut if you still rather someone else do it you can find my listing in my shop.

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