Sunday, January 6, 2013


I made these when i was in Uni and i re did the designs for my final major. Enjoy!

Origami 16 Point Modular Star

Origami Book

Lucky Star

More will be added next week

Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Some of the cards are done on an old selling account Alter Ego i had! some of you may even remember it.

Any way enjoy them all

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Printable Freebies! Every now and then I will offer a freebie to download and print, the first one was Christmas tags. The next one will be decided by fans on my FACEBOOK page. Please see below for printables!

Christmas Tags Vintage DOWNLOAD

Monday, October 3, 2011

Do typefaces really matter?

To most people, typefaces are pretty insignificant. Yet to their devotees, they are the most important feature of text, giving subliminal messages that can either entice or revolt readers, says Tom de Castella.

When Avatar, the biggest grossing movie of all time was released, one section of the audience was immediately outraged.

Graphic designers hated it. Why? They didn't like the font that director James Cameron had chosen for the subtitles.

"I hated it on the posters and then threw up a little in my mouth when I realised I would have to read that ugly font throughout the film in the subtitles," one blogger commented.

"After the hundreds of millions of dollars spent on CG effects, did he just run out of money for a decent graphic designer?"

And yet fonts are not just for geeks. Otherwise why would organisations around the world spend so much time and money changing their typeface?

A new look
In April, the Mail on Sunday reported that the Foreign and Commonwealth Office spent £80,000 changing its typeface to one that was almost identical.

Last month Gatwick Airport unveiled a new logo, replacing a rather austere style with a custom-made, handwritten script. A spokeswoman said the change was an attempt to emphasise the airport's "personal touch". And in the past week the BBC website has taken on a new look, replacing Verdana font with Arial (on PCs) and Neue Helvetica (on Macs).

But can different shaped letterforms really convey those values?


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Re vamping!

There's a stigma that a re brand or a revamp can be a pain in the arse! not always ;) let me explain.

The great joys of tweeting used to bewilder me and i only really started using it a few months ago, since then i haven't looked back. I have had numerous sales on my Folksy Shop and made some lovely tweet mates as well.

So while i was developing a website for Photoshoot Studiohire i was tearing my head trying to work out why i could not embed a video file to play on the website, so i put the tweet out!

I then received a tweet from Brian @ Crystal Networks who was kind enough to give up some of his time and help me along my merry way to frustration ville!

Anyway we got a bit distracted and started chatting about my website and how SEO and Website user NOT friendly is had become (i made it 3 years ago!) so it was clear it was time to to update it.

Budget being incredibly tight i was surprised to find out how much (or little) the website would cost me!

So why the re vamp???

It's important in a job like mine to keep on top of trends and changes and it my old website was "so last year" so for me to look professional and attract the types of clients outside of my that i want to then i had to take the jump. It was wort every penny, every email and every tweet!

Don't think twice about it, if you have already thought re vamping then that seed is clearly telling you you are not happy with how things are for you at the moment, so make the change!

I am so glad i did

For £599 i got a brand spanking, shiny and wonderful website with ease of access for me to go in an design elements as well, i have full control over the website and don't have to keep back to Brian (unless i really have to!) thus enabling me to feel mighty intelligent and clever about all things web and my site.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

1st year anniversary Giveaway

yes it's that time already and to celebrate a fantastic year with u all i want to give away....

£30 worth of graphic design!!!

Just leave a comment below as to why u would love a Bonnita Makeover. There is a week to enter and the winner will be announced next week! Tues 15th March @ 6pm

Please only enter if you need a makeover or feel u could benefit from my talents.

Good Luck!