Friday, July 30, 2010

Question Time

Time for you all , to learn a little something from me! Let the questions begin:

These are answered in the Order i was given them:

1. What inspires you?
what doesn't inspire me! This lady inspired me A LOT when i was at Uni doing my degree, every piece of artwork she does amazes me. Nature inspires me a lot, especially with colour palettes and shapes, i love the fact you can take something so complex as nature and simplify without taking away it's beauty.2. Where do u see Bonnita Graphics in 5yrs time?
Taking over the world of course!!

3. Cats or Dogs?

BOTH! i really want a god but live in a flat so can't, but we do have 2 beautiful cats

4. Where do you see yourself in 10yrs time?
If i am honest i don't want to look that far ahead, as long as i have my family and we are happy that will keep me satisfied. I of course would like to be a little successful in my job and earn enough money to keep us "comfortable"

5. If you won the lottery what would be the first present you would buy yourself?
A house with an office and craft room!

6. If you could choose 1 women (dead or alive) to be your nan, who would it be and why?
Betty Page!! this woman was inspirational to me, she was discovered on a beach and shot to stardom. She choose to hide away once the wrinkles set in and no public saw her face after as she wanted to remain beautiful in peoples memories, alas she died a couple of years ago, but my has she left a legacy. 7. Where do u get your inspiration from?
Lots of places, i have been known to be out and seen something very odd and taken inspiration from it, especially shapes. I was at the Whistable oyster festival last week, and the beach was covered in crab and lobster shells, the patterns were amazing.

8. If you knew the world was going to end tomorrow what would u do and who would u spend it with?
My family! they are my rock and life and every last second would be spent telling them how much i love them and how wonderful they have made my life (not as exciting as u hoped huh? ;)

9. Who-what encouraged you to get into design?
I have always been creative and arty, i remember my first colouring book was flower fairies! and i would spend hours colouring them in. When i was approaching 6th form they didn't have a lot of the options they do now so wasn't really sure of my direction. I worked in an office for a few years and if any of you have worked in a large corporate office u know how playschool it can be! We use to have decorate your pod competitions and all would look at me lol. I went on to do another BORING job after that required that monthly emails to be sent out but they had to be eye catching, people kept asking me why i wasn't a designer by trade. So after many a thought i finally gave up work and went back to Uni at 28 this was daunting as i also wanted to start a family, my husband agreed i could go and off i went! THE best decision i ever made, and i finished with a 2:1!

10. If u were an animal what would u be and why?
hmmm this is tough, i would prob say an Eagle, these are my favourite, the freedom and perspective they have is amazing.

11. If you won the lottery tomorrow and never had to work again, would you still sell your crafts?
we all say it but i would like to think that it won't change me as a person, i will never stop designing, my brain would explode if i didn't have a creative vent. I love what i do and i love the enjoyment people get from designs i create for them. Satisfaction and happiness is far more important to me than money and no work.

well we have come to the end! i hope you enjoyed your read and got to know me a little better, now go buy my stuff!!!!! lol

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New products added to shop

New Blog

Now Momoaby is no more, i have to start a new, so i will be updating at least once a day on this blog from now on, with advice tips and useful links! I hope u find this blog enjoyable and of some use.

Spread the word and let everyone know!